Call Tracking for Better Business: Online Services to Measure Phone Conversions

call tracking services

Do you have any way of knowing how clients who call your company found out about your products and services? According to WordStream, 43 percent “of all of all search-related conversions happen over the phone.” Call tracking services allow you to analyze the source of phone conversions to determine the success of individual marketing campaigns and maximize ROI across channels.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

You know how important it is to include your business contact information in all ads and on your website, but using the same phone number in every marketing campaign makes it impossible to distinguish where leads come from. Call tracking software provides the option of setting up unique phone numbers for each campaign, including offline advertising. All calls are forwarded to your business phone, but each number has its own analytics so that you can see the volume of calls coming in from each channel and determine a definitive ROI for your campaigns.

Dynamic number insertion (DNI) makes use of a script to insert a temporary phone number on your site or in an ad. The script allows call tracking services to collect information about the phone numbers, locations and device types of callers and to keep track of the keywords used to find your business, what each caller does on your website and how long calls last.

With the information gleaned from call tracking, you can optimize SEO for conversions on site pages, on landing pages and in ads based on the most popular keywords. The better you rank for relevant search phrases, the more likely customers are to select your business as the one to call for services.

4 Tools to Monitor Phone Conversions

When comparing call tracking software products you need to keep an eye out for the following:

  • DNI capabilities
  • Local and international phone numbers
  • Call recording and transcription
  • Customizable business software integrations
  • Detailed analytics
  • Good reliability and uptime

These four options can get you started with tracking and help improve campaigns through comprehensive reporting.

AdWords Call Extensions

You can place a call extension on your Google AdWords account, a specific PPC campaign, an ad group or a single ad. Using a verified phone number, Google tracks calls as clicks and uses the call reporting function in your account to analyze them as conversions.


With local and toll-free numbers available for 57 countries, CallTrackingMetrics is perfect for companies doing business on a global scale. Accept calls on your landline, mobile device or computer, or use your numbers to communicate with potential clients via text messages.


Use CallRail to track phone conversions across every channel through which you advertise, including PPC and traditional offline ads. Special “CallScore” technology applies machine learning techniques to analyze calls and determine if you’re receiving qualified leads. Record, review and annotate calls on your own to get a better idea of how well your customers are being served.


Instantly start using local and toll-free numbers to take calls, record conversations and review the success of your campaigns with CallCap. Online and offline campaign tracking and conversion monitoring combine with special alerts to help you keep customers happy while maximizing ROI.

When you can see which campaigns prompt the most calls and which keywords generate the largest number of qualified leads, you’re able to take steps to improve all aspects of your marketing campaigns. Allocating funds to the most successful channels can increase your customer base and boost revenue, and reviewing recorded calls makes it possible to deliver an even better customer experience. Find the right call tracking service for your company, and start attracting the qualified leads you need for growth.